Free 2 Fly Mission Statement:

Free 2 Fly was born out of a desire to start a creative non-profit that would exist to do one thing: help women in our community who are unemployed, but desire to rise above their current circumstance. There are many women that have dreams and goals for their lives, but they either don’t believe they could ever achieve them or don’t know how to start pursuing them.

Free 2 Fly desires to support, nurture and empower women so when they begin to voice their dreams and hopes, they learn to realize that they can be attainable. The women in our program have been referred from other organizations that are helping them with short-term goals and needs. We serve as an additional resource that not only partners with the other organizations in our community, but continues working with these women when they finish the short-term program.

We SUPPORT women by teaching them the skill of sewing. Our line of products are made by the women in our program and profits from our sales are given back to them.  They are able to contribute to their families financially while working on short-term and long-terms goals that will change the course of their future.

We NURTURE women by connecting them to a mentor who is not only teaching them how to sew, but also investing in them.  Working together, we establish goals for their future and set a course of action to pursue them.  They are also connected to additional resources such as personal, career & financial counseling.

We EMPOWER women by equipping them with the realization that they can be successful.  Upon exiting our program, they have the foundations and tools needed to have long-term success and sustainability in the workforce.

From transitioning out of homelessness to completing rehab for life controlling issues, we believe that women can find purpose and value within our community, in spite of the trials they face. Teaching them how to sew is a catalyst for increased self-esteem.  It also enables them to realize that they can learn a new skill and experience success.  The foundations that we are helping them build will equip them for the new path in life that they have started on and enable them to experience stability and purpose within our community.

We believe that upon exiting our program, these women will have the foundations needed to succeed, thrive and … fly!

Participants in our Work Program…

We work with other local organizations in our community to refer women to us. The organizations that we are currently partnering with are Women at the Well, Family Promise & Foundation House Ministries.

Serving women from all walks of life and being a resource to enrich their lives is our main desire.  We seek to walk with women in our community down the new path they desire and encourage them along the way.  We want them to ultimately know that they are valuable to our community and their families.



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