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There are so many ways to be involved here at Project Free 2 Fly. Here are a few examples of ways you, or someone you know, could serve our organization in a non-traditional way.

For each of the volunteer categories mentioned below, we are in need of a head volunteer that will then form a small group of volunteers (1-2 at least, potentially more as needed) to help fulfill those responsibilities. The head volunteer of each team will communicate with our volunteer coordinator about all of our volunteer needs and to establish a system that works for the schedules of both our volunteers and Free 2 Fly! 

Please reach out to our Founder, Hailey Johnston, with any questions or ideas at

Quarterly Birthday Lunches

Birthday lunch volunteers will help plan quarterly lunches to celebrate the birthdays of our program participants and staff that fall in each quarter. 

Holiday Parties

Holiday party volunteers will help plan parties for our participants and staff for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc. It doesn’t have to be anything big for every holiday - just something fun to look forward to! (Like a festive lunch). 

Social Activities Coordinator

Social Activities volunteers will help organize fun, social gatherings for our program participants every other month. This will give the opportunity for our women to connect in a fun way outside of program hours! 

Sewing Camp

Sewing Camp volunteers will help facilitate our sewing camp for girls fundraiser this summer. Sewing abilities are a plus, but you don’t have to know how to sew to help! 

Bird & Barn

Bird & Barn volunteers will help with a wide range of duties to help prepare for and run our Bird & Barn fundraiser this fall.


Mentors will invest in our program participants through life on life mentoring. Each woman in our program needs a mentor.

General Volunteers

General Volunteers will help with day to day needs that arise. This is great for someone who just wants to volunteer in some capacity but can’t make a huge commitment or needs to volunteer on their own time schedule. 

Volunteer With Us

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please look over our volunteer opportunities, complete the attached volunteer application, and either 1) print and bring your application into our store or 2) mail your application to Free 2 Fly, PO Box 5044, Cleveland TN 37320, or 3) send it via email to Thank you for your interest in getting involved with our organization! We look forward to working with you.

For those of you who will want to print and drop off your application, our address is 283 N. Ocoee in downtown Cleveland, TN.

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