Project Free 2 Fly is a 501(c)(3) organization


Project Free 2 Fly is a 501(c)(3) organization. While our products help offset some of the cost of our programs, we rely on donations to be able to fully support, nurture, and empower the women in our program.

Every woman in our program receives financial provision, enrichment resources, counseling services, and sewing supplies. Below is a breakdown of the cost to support ONE woman for the duration of our program.

Total Cost: 12 months = $20,197 or 18 months = $27,216

Cost Includes:

• Financial Provision: 12 months = $17,437 18 months = $24,456

• Counseling Services: $1,440

• Enrichment Resources: $500

• Sewing Machine: $750

• Sewing Supply Kit: $70

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Giving monthly can be as simple as giving up one cup of coffee each week.

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A group of individuals with a deep commitment to support the work of Project Free 2 Fly in our community. ​ Allelo Partners commit to raise/and or give $1,000 each during 2022 through personal fundraising/and or giving. Together, this group will do more than any of us could do individually. 2022 Goal: 100 partners/totaling $100,000

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Want to become a Community Partner with your business or church?

*Currently fundraising for 2023-2024 Partners

Tiers available are: 

• $250: Hummingbird
• $500: Finch
• $1,000: Sparrow
• $2,000: Dove
• $5,000: Blue Jay
• $7,000: Robin
• $10,000+: Cardinal

*When donating on behalf of your business or church, please include "Community Partner" in the notes and we will contact you for more information to add you to our website.

All Community Partners for 2023-2024 will be listed on all 'bird & barn' event material and throughout the year on our website.

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