Project Free 2 Fly is
a 501(c)(3) organization.



Project Free 2 Fly is a 501(c)(3) organization. While our products help offset some of the cost of our programs, we rely on donations to be able to fully support, nurture, and empower the women in our program.

Every woman in our program receives financial provision, enrichment resources, counseling services, and sewing supplies. Below is a breakdown of the cost to support ONE woman for the duration of our program.

Total Cost: 12 months = $17,437 or 18 months = $24,456

Cost Includes:

• Financial Provision: 12 months = $14,496 18 months = $21,516

• Counseling Services: $1,620

• Enrichment Resources: $500

• Sewing Machine: $750

• Sewing Supply Kit: $70


A group of local women with a deep commitment to support the work of Project Free 2 Fly in our community. ​

Inaugural ALLELO partners will each raise a $1,000 for Project Free 2 Fly through fundraising/and or personal giving in 2021. Together, the flock of 100 inaugural ALLELO partners will raise $100,000 to fund and expand Project Free 2 Fly's programs supporting, nurturing and empowering women.

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