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Creating Patterns of Success

Project Free 2 Fly works with rehabilitation programs in our area to identify women who are ready to make the move from recovery to sustainable life. Many women leave rehabilitation programs with no home, no car, no bank account, and no job. Free 2 Fly acts as a bridge between recovery and sustainability. 

We hire women and teach them the skills they need to manufacture the products sold in our shop and online. Women at Free 2 Fly start on simple products and eventually graduate to more complicated designs and materials. 

While learning to sew, women are learning the skills needed to be productive and valuable community members. Participants are provided with mentoring, counseling services, and life skills training.

Each participant is also paired with a mentor with whom they meet weekly to talk about personal circumstances, financial decisions, family challenges, or any number of issues that impacts the whole person.


We support women by teaching them the skill of sewing. Our products are handmade by the women in our program- and the profits are given back to them. They are able to financially contribute to their families while working on short-term and long-term goals that will change the course of their future.


We nurture women by connecting them to mentors who not only teach them how to sew, but also invest in them. Working together, we establish goals for the future and take action. In addition, we connect them to resources such as personal, career and financial counseling.


We empower women by equipping them with the realization that they can be successful. Upon exiting our program, women have the foundations and tools needed for long-term success and sustainability in the workforce and community.

Inside Our Workspace

Serving women from all walks of life and being a resource to enrich their lives is our main desire. We seek to walk with women in our community down the new path they desire and encourage them along the way. We want them to ultimately know that they are valuable to our community and their families.


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