10 Gifts Under $25

Have you ever needed a gift in a pinch? Do you find yourself needing to run to a store to grab something quick? Next time, think Free 2 Fly! We have a wide variety of products in our storefront for under $25. Check them out below.

1. Audrey Headband

Your new favorite hair accessory! This convertible headband can be worn in endless ways. Let your imagination run wild and twist and form this headband into a bow, a rosette, a twist, etc. We have a highlight on Instagram for some other ideas. Available in two different sizes and a variety of colors and patterns.

2. Chapstick Holder Keychain

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new chapstick and losing it the same day! With our Chapstick Holder Keychain you can attach it to your keys, backpack, purse etc. so you never lose track of your chapstick again! Available in 4 genuine leather colors and 2 hardwares. You can even order one and get your initial embossed in gold in the leather!

3. This and That Pouch

The name says it all... it's the perfect catch all pouch. Great for make-up or small hair accessories! You can never have enough little pouches for your odds and ends. 

4. Pencil Pouch 

Remember when you were a kid and getting new school supplies was so fun and exciting? Well it still is... and the pencil pouch can be used for more than just writing utensils. Throw your lipsticks or personal items in this sleek pouch to keep them from falling out of your purse or work bag!

5. Face Mask

Unfortunately it's looking like masks will be a part of our apparel for awhile, so we might as well make them cute! We have a variety of colors and patterns available in Adult Masks as well as Kid's Masks.  Having a hard time keeping track of your mask on the go? Check out the product below!

6. Zuri Pouch 

Our new favorite pouch! Attach this to your keys, lanyard, backpack, key fob, or inside a bag to carry your mask, ID, cash, hand sanitizer, or credit cards. Pair a mask, key fob, and Zuri Pouch in a matching fabric for a cute little gift set for a friend.

7. Keychain Card Holder

Perfect for our minamilist friends. This Keychain Card Holder can be added to your keys or slipped right into your pocket to carry your ID, cards, and cash without having to carry a full wallet and bag. Great for women and men!

8. Lanyard

Great gift for students or teachers! Attach your ID or a Zuri Pouch for an easy hands free way to carry your mask, ID, lunch money, etc! We recently added a kid's lanyard to the line as well.

9. Floss Tiered Keychain

You'll never lose your keys again if you have this fun and colorful tassel keychain attached. Or add one of these to your bag for a sassy accessory that adds color and texture! Available in 6 color options.

10. Key Fob

One of our top sellers! Our key fobs are a practical gift ANYONE could use! Available in both fabric and genuine leather. These are also the first product that women in our program make when they start sewing, so when you purchase a key fob, you're directly supporting a woman who is just starting over and working toward a sustainable future.

We hope you think of Free 2 Fly as a one stop shop for all your gift giving needs! We also have a wide variety of local, handmade, vendor items available in our storefront including candles, soaps, prints, home decor, baby items and more. Stop in and shop and support local small businesses while you shop Free 2 Fly, 
Monday-Friday 10 am - 5 pm and Saturday 10 am - 2 pm. 

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Leather dog leases would be cool and probably a big seller for you

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