For all the Working Moms...

Balance – It’s talked about often, but it’s easy to wonder if it actually exists. All moms, but particularly working moms, are forced to think about this word due to the many hats they wear on a daily basis. It often seems impossible to juggle work and home; the stresses of work combined with mom guilt AND the stresses of home can be too much to handle a lot of times. The image that can often come to mind when processing this idea of balance is a scale. I’m not talking about the scale you weigh yourself on, but a double-pan scale where two sides are loaded down with particular items to weigh one side against the other. If the two sides hang evenly, the scale is deemed balanced.

Although you may think that the goal of being a working mom is to perfectly balance the two sides of the scale with work and home, I don’t think that’s the answer. In my experience, that’s near impossible. What is possible is your unique ability to discern what is needed and what is healthy in each area of your life. If you feel that a worthy task or project at work is requiring extra attention from you in a given week, ask your significant other to pick up the slack at home. There is no shame in asking for what you need, and I promise your family will survive. In a similar fashion, if you feel that your home is in desperate need of your presence, be sensitive to that feeling and communicate to your boss that you need a day. You’re more discerning than you may think, and only you know what makes you feel alive and whole and healthy.

Working moms, your job is hard, but it’s so worth it. You’ve accepted a great call, whether willingly or not, and you’re in great company amongst other moms who are trying to navigate this whole “balance” thing as well. Give yourself grace and keep pressing on.

You are strong, capable, brave, determined, loved, and full of value.

- from one mom to another


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