Girls Sewing Camp 2020 Recap

One thing we have learned this year is you have to roll with the punches. After we realized this year's sewing camp was not going to happen like years past due to COVID, we had to jump to action and plan differently. In addition, we wanted to make sure our staff, volunteers, and camp attendees were as safe as possible so we restructured camp entirely. We ended up breaking the girls into four groups, spread out over 4 weeks and utilized our space next to our storefront to set up a work room.

This is not only one of our yearly fundraisers, but this camp is an opportunity for us to empower young girls in our community and to teach them a skill they will be able to continue to perfect and carry with them for years to come! 

This year the girls had 3 projects to complete during the week: a patchwork pillow, pajama pants, and a sleep eye mask. 

Many girls completed their projects early and were able to get creative and made scrunchies, headbands, and more! 

We had a good mix of past participants and newbies! The benefit of breaking up the girls into smaller groups spread out over a few weeks was that we were able to spend more one on one time with the girls as they worked and learned this skill! 

Our new building in downtown Cleveland enables us to plan future opportunities and growth! We are in the process of working through ways in which we can continue offering sewing lessons throughout the year! More information will follow soon so be on the lookout.

Thank you to our volunteers, staff and participants for making it four weeks of "sew" much fun!


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