Hannah: Her Next Chapter

Free 2 Fly is only ever a chapter in our women's stories. We are a program designed to be a stepping stone between the participants past life and where they are wanting to go. But once a woman has completed her time with us and is ready to fly on her own, we love to watch her stretch her wings and soar, no matter how sad we are to see her go. One woman who recently has made this transition is Hannah Stewart, and this is her story. 

Hannah was a student at Women at the Well Ministries and was about to graduate when she was referred to Free 2 Fly for a job and a place in our program. 

"This was a way for myself and others from Women at the Well to enter the work force in a safe Christian environment," said Hannah.

Hannah jumped right into the program eager to learn and to move on in her life, which is what she did! During her two years at Free 2 Fly Hannah regained custody of her two sons, got her own apartment, and started setting goals for herself and her family. She grew a community through her work at Women at the Well and Free 2 Fly, that supported her through all of the ups and downs. 

"I learned that friendships are not a scary thing and that when you surround yourself with people who have the same mindset as you, women that want to reach goals and succeed, those are lasting and strong friendships."

After graduating from Free 2 Fly's program, Hannah was ready for her next chapter and only in the way God can, He opened up a door that would allow Hannah to continue growing, learning, and providing for herself and her boys. Hannah accepted a job as the Title Work Coordinator at Burns, Henry, & Kirksey Law Firm in Cleveland, TN. 

"I thought it would be hard to transition into a new work environment but when God is in it, nothing can mess it up. He definitely moved me at the right time in my life." 

 But as life would have it, there's always going to be curve balls and shortly after accepting and starting her new position, our world changed. Being a single mother who works full time is already a tough job, but adding a global pandemic on top of it, was overwhelming. 

"The stress from the pandemic caused me to really rely on God for a number of things. I was trying to navigate being a single working mom in a new city with limited family near by, so I struggled with child care." said Hannah "We have managed only by God's grace. We have been financially blessed with this job change and not only that but God placed me in a company that values family and has worked so hard at making sure that we were taken care of. My children now have an office here that they can do their school work and be with me in a safe environment if and when we need that."

Over the last few months Hannah has excelled in her position. She is now setting new career goals.

"I am working on learning more about the title work that we do here in the office. My main goal is to learn how to become the main processor for the closing agents."

Hannah's life surely looks different these days than it did a few years ago, but she wouldn't change it for the world.

"Some days may look the same and others may push you to a breaking point. Those breaking points are the moments that you really have to trust God to have your back, your front, and all the sides!"

 If you're struggling to know what your next step is or what your purpose is, Hannah has some sound advice...

"Every day is a new adventure and you have to be willing to try new things. You can do it - with a little bit of leg work, coffee and a whole lot of Jesus. I believe in you."


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Holly Martin

Beautiful testimony!
God has given you a strength and boldness to be who he’s called you to be. People who lack of it will be touched by God through you. Your daily walk with Him is a testimony to others!

Samantha Mull

Hannah you have an amazing testimony ! God truly is a redeemer and Your life speaks volumes of this in so many way ! Keep at it strong girl so proud and happy for you!!!

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