How to Choose The Right Free 2 Fly Product For You

Shopping handmade and even shopping local can mean that you are paying a little more than what you would for "fast fashion" pieces. However with that, you're also paying for a quality piece that is handmade just for you!

When choosing which style or type of bag is right for you, there's a few questions you can ask yourself to help narrow it down and make the best choice for you.

1. Do you like to carry anything and everything you could possibly need? 

There are usually two types of people: 

Type 1 - Lives life on the fly. Carries the essentials and that's about it. 

Type 2 - Is ready for anything and everything at ALL times. Need a bandaid? got it. Need a brush? Got it. This girl carries it all. 

If you consider yourself a type 2 described above, you are going to need more than a small wallet or wristlet. You need more room, pockets. etc. We would recommend either the Abbey Tote, Abbey Jr. or Sutton Tote

2. Do you have often find yourself carrying your kids diaper bag or backpack instead of your own purse?

If the answer to this is yes, you may want to consider waiting on a purse and getting a wristlet or clutch instead!

The Ivey Wristlet Wallet (all leather version shown below) can carry your essentials - keys, cards, cash and phone and can easily be thrown into a diaper bag. It's built in card slots will keep your cards safe and sound on the go. Carry it by the wristlet or carry it as a clutch with the front strap.

Need something a little larger? The Julie Kristin Clutch is another great option, it just has less pockets, but is larger and can carry a bit more when needed! Still want something to keep your cards safe? Consider getting a Keychain Card Holder to add to your key fob, or throw it in your clutch. 





Once day when you're done carrying the diaper bags and backpacks you can get back to that beautiful handbag you've been dreaming of. Hang in there friend! 

3. Are you often running from Point A to Point B? 

Are you a college student running from classes, to work, to the library? Or a mom running from drop off, to work, back to pick up and then kid's extra curriculars? If you're finding that you're often "on the go" a crossbody may be the best option. Throw it over your shoulder and run around hands free! 

The Laney Crossbody is our newest crossbody and has been a hit! It's lightweight and low profile. It lays flat to your body but can carry the important stuff! 


There's a product for everyone, it just depends on your personality and needs!

We hope this helps you figure out which Free 2 Fly product is best for you! If you have any questions about any of these products, direct message us on any of our social media channels or email us at

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