Mamas with the MOST FUN

I recognize that not all empty nesters are grandmas and not all grandmas are empty nesters,
but I feel that these two types of mamas can go hand-in-hand. You know what you all have in
common? You arguably get to have and be the MOST FUN out of all the mamas!
At this phase in your life, you likely have more spare time than you’re used to, and I hope you
are utilizing that time to take care of and reward yourself in so many different ways for the long
years of motherhood you’ve faithfully put in at this point. Maybe you are finally traveling to
those places that you just never could with kiddos in the house, volunteering with an
organization that you love a couple days a week, keeping (and spoiling) your
grandchild/grandchildren regularly, or even getting to know your spouse all over again!
Whatever it is you choose to devote your time to in this wonderful season of life, I hope you are
feeling full to the brim with love and gratitude.
And when those moments of loneliness creep in, think back on allllllll the beautiful and
unforgettable memories you have from when your children (child) were home with you, and
look ahead to the many memories, although different, that there are to come.
You are strong, capable, brave, determined, loved, and full of value.
-from one mom to another

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