What's in a Name?

Here at Free2Fly, most of our products are named after someone we know who has absolutely loved a particular product or inspired us in some way. Our Pattie B. Tassel Earrings are no different. They are named after one of our longest serving volunteers, Mrs. Pattie Bell. She has been with us since the very beginning, which is coming up on 5 years! She has served consistently by teaching the skill of sewing, helping around the workspace, making us yummy food and treats, and loving on and investing in the women we serve. She has a beautiful heart that serves others joyfully, and we are so thankful to know her. 

The Pattie B. Tassels are genuine leather earrings that are just right for those of you who like to keep it simple. We suggest adding a pair in every color to your accessory collection.


Click HERE to shop the Pattie B.'s. 

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