What's On Your List?

This year at Free2Fly, we are making it easy on you and your family members to shop with purpose! When you visit our store, fill out a wishlist where you can list all the pretty things you would like for Santa (or a loved one) to bring you this year. Then, when individuals come to shop for you, we can pull out your wishlist and help them find exactly what you want. 

There are perks, too! When you fill out a wishlist, you can be entered to win fun Free2Fly prizes. There are three ways to enter:

1) Once you fill out a wishlist, check in on Facebook and give us a shout out with something like "I just filled out my Christmas wishlist at Free2Fly!". This will give you one entry into the prize drawing.

2) When someone comes to purchase an item or items off your wishlist, that individual AND you will be entered into the prize drawing as many times as the number of items purchased.

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