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Who our program is directly suited to help:

- Women who have already completed a drug and/or alcohol addiction recovery program

- Women transitioning out of homelessness

- Women experiencing a crisis pregnancy

- Women who need a healthy support system

We serve as a stepping stone for women who have already decided that they want to make positive life changes. Before becoming a participant in Free2Fly's program, these women must have already taken steps toward sustainability and be open and willing to grow and learn as a person while working in a healthy environment. In other words, we are "step 2" of the road to wholeness and sustainability, not step 1. We serve as a bridge between past life circumstances of these women and their ability to function as sustainably healthy and whole individuals in our society.

Not only do we provide the women we serve with work (an income), but we also offer them many enrichment courses and opportunities (i.e. financial, personal, & career counseling, spiritual growth, health & wellness, etc.) that they must be willing to fully receive and participate in.

After reviewing this information, if you still feel that you know a woman that would benefit from our program, please email for more information about our application process.

Other local resources and their focus:


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