5 Things You Need This School Year

Go back to school in style!

It's hard to believe another school year is upon us. It's been a wild year and it may feel overwhelming to try and get back into the swing of things for school, so we want to help. Whether you're a teacher or student, these 5 products will start your school year on the right foot!

1.This and That Pouch

 This pouch can hold all your little necessities. Throw it in your school bag to carry erasers, hair ties, lunch money, etc. Love to match? Design other products in the same fabric (such as a pencil pouch or lanyard... see below).

2. Pencil Pouch

Seems obvious enough right? Back to school means new pencils! But these pouches can be used to carry a variety of things, such as touch up make up or lady products. A pencil pouch with a gift card inside would be a cute gift for your kid's new teacher!
3. Lanyard


How many times have you lost your keys or school ID?! It's annoying right? Keep track of them by wearing them... functional and cute. Grab a matching Zuri Pouch to add to the end of your lanyard to carry more (ID, debit card, etc.) Need one for your kiddos? We just added a Kid Lanyard to the collection. Check it our here!

4. Chapstick Holder Keychain

If you're anything like us, nothing is more frustrating than buying a new chapstick to only misplace it a couple days later. Keep track of your favorite chapstick by putting it in our Chapstick Holder Keychain! This chapstick holder is durable, looks nice, and is available in four genuine leather colors. - choose to have it embossed with your initial in gold or leave it blank.

5. Portfolio

Stay organized with one of our portfolios. Have a lot of loose paper you need to keep track of? Throw it in your portfolio. Need something to protect your notebook or planner? Put it in your portfolio. The snap closure keeps things in their place and you can. *Currently only available in 'Ready to Ship'

Please keep in mind, if you choose to design your product in 'Made to Order' products will take 2-3 weeks to receive. However, we may have some of these products available in 'Ready to Ship', meaning they are already made and will ship out the next business day!
We hope nothing but the best for this upcoming school year.

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