Empowering Women to "Live Their Story"

Here at Free 2 Fly we believe a woman’s story holds the key for growth and healing.

Free 2 Fly operates under the philosophy that until we own our story, our story will continue to own us. This feeling can cripple individuals from growth in many areas. Being able to own your story begins with telling it to someone who has earned your trust - an act of true bravery.

Through our enrichment classes and program here at Free 2 Fly we provide women with the skills and belief in themselves to ‘live their story’. Meaning, we want women to be proud of who they are, where they have come from, and what they’ve overcome. Our personal stories aren’t meant to be fairytales, filled with only happiness and light. It’s from the darkness that we grow, learn lessons, and become the best versions of ourselves.

Our staff here at Free 2 Fly is always striving to model to our women how we are also living OUR stories…

Hailey – Founder & CEO

“Winter doesn’t last forever, Spring always get its turn”
Just like each year, our lives have different seasons. We can all think about our lives and how we have experienced so many different seasons. Some good, some bad, and if we’re honest, some we wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of our life’s narrative if we had the choice. But just like every changing season, we are reminded that God is continually making all things new. He is a God of restoration, redemption, faithfulness, and forgiveness. He never leaves us or forsakes us and He wants our lives to reflect His great love for us, and for others. To “live your story” means that we can live boldly out of what God has done and is doing in each of our lives. We can live in confidence that every season of our lives has a purpose and God wants to use it to draw us near to Him, but even more importantly, point others to His great love and faithfulness. Our stories are our testimonies and I think when we live out of what God has done in our lives, our impact and encouragement to others will be more than we ever realize.

Kim – Accounts Manager

My story is my testimony. Every aspect of my life (good, bad and ugly), is a brushstroke in the beautiful masterpiece that God is painting! Only when I recognize and embrace Christ's work in me, can I fully "live my story".

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 ESV

Sarah – Program Director

I would say that I continue to learn how to live my story every day. My experiences throughout my life, as well as all the people who have moved in and out of it, are all pieces to the puzzle of my story. I hold all these pieces, and as I bring them to the Lord, He is able to take all of the chaos and make something beautiful and more meaningful than I ever thought it could be.

“I may not understand everything or have all of the answers, but I trust the One who does, and that is one way I am learning to live my story.”


Arlyne – Communication Manager

“My art and profession is to live!" I love this quote by Montaigne because my journey on this earth has been filled with beauty, miracles, heartaches and adventures! I have learned to live through all these times, finding beauty in the ugly, joy in the heartache, courage in the adventures, and faith in receiving miracles! As I continue to live out my story, unfinished, I anticipate the future, knowing my heavenly father is creating my story in the most special way.

“My prayer and hope is that in this life, my story will make an endless impact to many, giving them hope and courage to also live out their lives the same!”

Lauren – Director of Product Sales

“Living your story” to me means taking your past and all your life lessons and experiences and using that wisdom to live a better life and serve others. For example, recently during prayer time a woman was sharing with us what all she is going through right now with family and I felt so connected to her. I've lived some of those very same struggles and I told her how much I understand and hurt for her. I encouraged her to give it to God and know that she can't fix anyone. I think Living Your Story is sharing that story with others.

“Sometimes it's giving advice, other times it's just listening and being able to empathize.”

Joanna – Creative Director

My story like a lot of other women’s starts with heartache, abandonment, misunderstanding, a broken belief system, and a lot of dysfunction in my little world. However, now years later all I want to say and really scream from the roof tops is this,

"He's created you for a purpose, for a plan, big or small it's unique to you and your life and HE will use it all. He uses every ounce of your pain and your brokenness to craft a beautiful story.”

Our mission to support, nurture, and empower women extends outside of our four walls here at Free 2 Fly. Our hope is that every woman feels empowered to live a purposeful and fulfilling life by realizing the power of her story.

Do you want to ‘Live Your Story’? Follow the steps below to start you on the right track.

1. Share your story with a trusted friend or loved one.
2. Acknowledge the mistakes, hardships and be thankful for them.
3. Set short term and long-term goals you want to accomplish.

We are all created in His image. We’ve all had our own trials, tribulations, and triumphs. No two people are the same, but every one of us was designed for a purpose.

So don’t play the comparison game. Your story is beautiful and unique to you.

Live YOUR story.

Share this with your friends and loved ones and encourage all those around you to “live their story” as well!

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