Giving Tuesday

We are launching the season of giving with Giving Tuesday! It is our hope and prayer that you will consider joining us in the work of supporting, nurturing, and empowering women in our community this holiday season. 

There are multiple ways you can give back this year:

1) Donate via PayPal

On our website, you can find a tab entitled "Give". This is an easy way to donate to our organization at any time from anywhere! 

Not sure exactly how much to donate? Here are some practical and specific ways you can meet the needs of the women we serve:

*not listed above is our need for Counseling Services for the women in our program ($100 per month/per woman) 



2) Shop for items off of a Christmas List

The women in our program work so hard to provide for themselves and their families, but the holidays are tough. They desire to provide their children and loved ones with gifts, but we also want them to personally experience the joy of receiving as well. All 8 of the women we are currently serving have created lists of needs surrounding this time of year, and we would love if you would be willing to purchase any of these items off these lists! If this interests you, please email for more detailed information or come by our storefront and pick up a list to shop from. You can also read brief stories about a few of the women we serve HERE.

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