The Heirloom Quilted Shacket

“The most cherished and beloved things one can own cannot be purchased. They must first be used and loved and enjoyed. Memories must be created, laughter had and good times spent. And only then, these things become treasures, passed down for generations to come. The next generation will appreciate this "thing" even more than you do”. -ASHLEY SCHOENITH 
We are so excited to finally launch the Heirloom Quilted Shacket! 
Below is a quick story from Whitney Shores, one of our customers, telling us about her grandmothers stitched quilt! Whitney recently came in to our shop and ordered her Heirloom Quilted Shacket. Read below on how special this quilt was to her grandmother!
My great grandmother, Capitola McKinley, hand stitched this quilt front in the 1940’s and, sadly, passed in 1962 without completing the quilt. My grandmother, Patricia McKesson, inherited the quilt and was determined to finish it. She asked a friend to complete the quilt and was disappointed when it was returned. Instead of using a complimentary fabric, her friend used a yellow flat bed sheet as the backing and a sewing machine instead of hand stitching. My grandmother had only half removed the yellow sheet backing when she passed in 2018. The partly disassembled quilt was then inherited by mother, Dianne. Time passed and Capitola’s handiwork became one of 10 or so family quilts always kept on display in my home growing up. Our family quilts were considered sacred and rarely, if ever, used practically. When I recently moved to Cleveland and found Project Free 2 Fly, I fell in love with the Shacket and was told a custom one could be made if I had a quilt I wanted to transform. I immediately called my mom and we decided Capitola’s beautiful work was perfectly suited for the Shacket. Now, I get to proudly wear our family heirloom everywhere. We have already chosen another quilt for my sister’s Shacket. - Whitney Shores
You can officially order the Heirloom Quilted Shacket! If you have fabric or a special quilt that you would like to use to make your very own Heirloom Quilted Shacket, we will be happy to work with you! Unlike our “Ready to Ship” or “Made to Order” where you can select and order effortlessly through our website or storefront, ordering the Heirloom Quilted Shacket will be slightly different. You will be able to order online or in our storefront, but we would need additional details to customize your Shacket and get your fabric in our hands! We ask that you call us directly after you have placed your order. Instructions will be available for you at check out! 
Click the this link to order your custom Heirloom Quilted Shacket! 

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